About Us

Our History

Rosewood Furniture Manufacturers Ltd, a privately owned company with over 30 years of manufacturing experience and ISO accreditation, has evolved into its present day format as a manufacturer of high quality, sophisticated, modular office furniture systems. Our operation in Nairobi is designed to produce bespoke solutions just as efficiently as accomplishing high volume runs of standard product. This ensures our competitiveness at all times, even when a solution for a client is not in our standard catalogue.

As a Kenya based manufacturer, we strongly believe in supporting Kenyan companies, with over 80% of our supply chain being local.

Our success is based upon strong, enduring customer relationships built around our knowledgeable, approachable team of client account managers. In collaboration with our interior design team they will provide you an ideal office set-up for your needs.

Our installation teams are efficient, respectful and thorough, ensuring a smooth and stress-free office transition.

Brand Promises

  • We get things right the first time.

  • We don't run away from difficult situations.

  • We pay attention to details.

  • We keep our promises.