The Palladium Conference Table combines simple, clean and elegant design with the energy and flair required in modern office environments. A square metal frame is used to create a graceful, yet robust framework to support the meeting table and forms the structure of the system.

Our furniture is available in a number of finishes.

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Available options

PALLADIUM 1810 L 1800 W 1000 H 745mm
KES 114,777
PALLADIUM 1812 L 1800 W 1200 H 745mm
KES 122,697
PALLADIUM 2412 L 2400 W 1200 H 745mm
KES 132,525
PALLADIUM 3112 L 3100 W 1200 H 745mm
KES 164,823
PALLADIUM 3812 L 3800 W 1200 H 745mm
KES 201,033

*Prices are indicative and inclusive of VAT